Barelang Bridge is a bridge that connects Batam, Rempang and Galang Islands. Just like the Suramadu Bridge that connects Surabaya and Madura which is also a tourist spot, Barelang Bridge or Batam, Rempang and Galang is also a tourist spot in Batam that you must visit to take photos

Historic sites must be the most interesting tourist attractions to visit. Just like the Vietnam Village which is a tourist spot in Batam that must be visited. At first, this place was a place to displace the people of Vietnam during the war in the country. After the war died down, the citizens returned to their respective countries and this place was abandoned until now. Although there are many issues circulating that this tourist spot in Batam is haunted, but Vietnam Village still invites many tourists to come. What’s interesting about this Batam tourist spot is the Momumen Perahu, which is said to be the transportation used by the Vietnamese people to get to Indonesia. No wonder, this Boat Moment is widely used as the object of photographs of tourists.

visiting Batam is not complete if you don’t shop for cheap bags and perfumes. Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall is one of the cheap shopping places in Batam that is a prey for tourists for various branded bags priced at low prices. In fact, until its popularity, Nagoya Hill is also a tourist spot in Batam that must be visited to see the ambience of the visitors.

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